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Evaluation of Biomedical Stainless Steels by Fretting Corrosion Test
Akihiko Hoshino
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1992 Volume 41 Issue 6 Pages 399-405


A fretting corrosion testing apparatus was constructed in order to simulate the corrosion damages of biomedical materials in human body. By means of this testing apparatus and electrochemical approach, the fretting corrosion test of 316L stainless steel was performed to establish the in vitro test condition, and to obtain the useful information for the improvement of biomedical stainless steels. In continuous fretting corrosion test of 316L stainless steel, it was found that fretting enhanced crevice corrosion did not occur even when specimen was potential-controlled above 0mV (SCE) where growth of crevice corrosion is more susceptible. However, during the intermittent fretting corrosion test, growth of crevice corrosion occurred remarkably at the resting stage, and the anodic current corresponding to the release of metal ions, was one order of magnitude higher than that at the fretting stage. Therefore, it was recommended that intermittent fretting corrosion test is more significant for the evaluation of stainless steels. The application of high Mo modified stainless steel is very effective to suppress such crevice corrosion at resting stage.

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