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Developing a Web-Based Platform to Share Disaster Risk Reduction Technology
Young-Jai Lee
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2015 年 10 巻 2 号 p. 189-195


This paper introduces a technology sharing platform for the global network on climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR). The platform defines a foundation that provides various products or services and its objective is to allow demanders, suppliers and experts to share DRR technology.

The platform is divided into architecture and governance. The fundamental component of architecture relies on detailed technology information which includes structured technology such as technology, systems, tools, analytical models, and non-structured technology such as standards, codes, process, and consulting. The architecture also includes a case study of the application and evaluation for the DRR technology to determine its performance level. Finally, architecture will include a function that enables stakeholders to provide their opinions, experience, and judgements related to the case study.

The primary function of the platform’s governance is to exchange the opinions and prepare incentives for sharing information among demanders like the UN organizations and Asia-Pacific nations, as well as suppliers of private sectors and institutions. In addition, subject matter experts can provide input on DRR technology as gatekeepers and participate in the community by presenting their opinions to technology applications.

The expert survey from multiple Asian-Pacific countries reached the conclusion that the even distribution of DRR technology through a web based platform among the countries is necessary. In addition, the case studies from technology in practice were deemed as more critical than the DRR technology content itself due to their practical applications.



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