Journal of Epidemiology
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A Method for Identifying Underlying Causes of Death in Epidemiological Study
Tamiko IwasakiToshio MiyakeSumio OhshimaShin'ichi KudoTakesumi Yoshimura
ジャーナル フリー

2000 年 10 巻 6 号 p. 362-365


To obtain the underlying causes of death in individuals of a cohort (male only), the items of date of birth, date of death and address code at the time of death were linked between the data of resident cards and the death tapes of National Vital Statistics supplied by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. As a result, the persons who have the same information for above mentioned three items between the resident cards and the death tapes accounted for 97.4%. If the persons who had the same information for three items except one item were considered to be identical, they accounted for 99.4%. It would be concluded that underlying cause of death can be obtained by record linkage of death tapes of National Vital Statistics with three informations in residence cards, dates of birth, dates of death and address codes at the time of death, even without names of the individual in the death tapes. The matched rate would be high enough for epidemiological studies. J Epidemiol, 2000 ; 10 : 362-365

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