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Asterotremella gen. nov. albida, an anamorphic tremelloid yeast isolated from the agarics Asterophora lycoperdoides and Asterophora parasitica
Hansjörg PrillingerKsenija LopandicTakashi SugitaMichael Wuczkowski
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2007 Volume 53 Issue 3 Pages 167-175


Using a genotypic approach (PCR-fingerprinting, DNA/DNA reassociation, partial sequences of the 26S rDNA gene, complete sequences of the 18S rDNA gene, and sequences of the internal transcribed spacers) five tremelloid yeast isolates from the agarics Asterophora lycoperdoides and A. parasitica were shown to be conspecific with Cryptococcus ramirezgomezianus. It was not possible to distinguish the yeast strains from A. lycoperdoides and A. parasitica using sequences from the intergenic spacer (IGS1). Phylogeny based on the 26S (D1/D2-domain), ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 and complete 18S rDNA demonstrated that C. ramirezgomezianus is closely related to several additional Cryptococcus species (C. humicola, C. longus, C. musci, C. pseudolongus) within the Trichosporonales. A new genus, Asterotremella, and a new family, Asterotremellaceae were introduced for Cryptococcus species clustering within the Trichosporonales having a ubiquinone Q-9. Cryptococcus ramirezgomezianus is a synonym of Asterotremella albida.

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