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Studies on Crosses between Distantly Related Species of Lilies
V. Characteristics of Newly Obtained Hybrids through Embryo Culture
Yoshito ASANO
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1980 Volume 49 Issue 2 Pages 241-250


The external characteristics and fertilities of 11 new interspecific hybrids which were obtained through embryo culture following the intrastylar (cut-style) pollination technique were observed.
1. Several interesting phenomena were observed in some of the hybrids, especially in relation to flower colors.
2. Relatively high pollen fertilities of the hybrids resulting from crosses between L. auratum platyphyllum and L. henryi, L. longiflorum and L. candidum, and L. ′6542′and L. candidum, respectively, may show the paired species to be closely related to each other.
3. In backcrosses using the hybrids as female parents, the crosses were found to be more successful when the species which had been used as male parents in obtaining F1 were used again as pollen parents.

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