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Respiration and Ethylene Production in Fruits and Vegetables Held in Carbon Dioxide-Enriched Atmospheres-Effects of Temperature and Carbon Dioxide Concentration
Yasutaka KuboOsamu HirataAkitsugu InabaReinosuke Nakamura
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1996 Volume 65 Issue 2 Pages 403-408


The rates of respiration and ethylene production in various fruits and vegetables held in 0-60% CO2 at 25 °C or 60% CO2 at 5-25 °C were determined by an automated microcomputer system.
In peaches, apples, tomatoes, and broccoli, dose-dependent decreases of O2 uptake and C2H4 production were observed during treatment with various concentrations of CO2 at 25°C. Oxygen uptake in bananas was inhibited at 10% CO2 and higher, whereas C2H4 production increased as the ambient CO2 concentration was elevated. CO2 concentration had little or no effect on O2 uptake in satsuma mandarin. Oxygen uptake in lettuce at 20% CO2 and below was similar to that under air, whereas induction of C2H4 production and an enhanced O2 uptake were observed in lettuce held in 40% CO2 and higher.
Inhibition of O2 uptake and C2H4 production in peaches by 60% CO2 declined as the temperature was lowered to the range of 5-25 °C. In broccoli held in 60% CO2, the inhibition of O2 uptake was temperature-dependent, but C2H4 production was suppressed to trace level at all temperatures. The induction of C2H4 production and enhancement of O2 uptake in lettuce by 60% CO2 occurred distinctly at 25 °C, slightly at 15 °C, but not at 10 °C and 5 °C.

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