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Vol. 78 (2012) No. 3 p. 231-235




In this paper we discuss the basic characteristics and performance of precision washing using ER water (electrolyzed reducing water) electrolyzed with Na2SO4 solution (Na2SO4 ER water). First, the structure and characteristics of the three-tank system used to produce electrolyzed water as well as how Na2SO4 ER water is produced by the system are described. Next, the relationship between the characteristic value of Na2SO4 ER water and the electrolytic current, and its difference from those for NaCl ER water and NaOH solution are investigated experimentally. Changes in the characteristic value of Na2SO4 ER water with time are also investigated in the same time. Finally, according to the results of washing the surface of precision parts with Na2SO4 ER water, C9H12 solution and pure water, the washing efficiency of Na2SO4 ER water is verified.

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