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Case Reports
Large Dissecting Aneurysm of the Cervical Internal Carotid Artery Associated with Elongated Styloid Process: A Case Report
Eiji HigashiTaketo HatanoMakoto SakaMitsushige AndoHideo ChiharaTakuro HashikawaWataru TakitaKeisuke TokunagaYusuke FunakoshiTakahiko KamataIzumi Nagata
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2018 年 12 巻 9 号 p. 438-443


Objective: A rare case of large dissecting aneurysm of the internal carotid artery caused by elongated styloid process is reported.

Case Presentation: A 45-year-old woman, who had noted an uncomfortable feeling of the pharynx from 2 years before, developed swelling of the left neck, pharyngalgia, and dysphagia 3 months before. Cervical CTA revealed an aneurysm 27 mm in diameter in the left extracranial internal carotid artery. The styloid process was elongated and displaced the aneurysm, and dissecting aneurysm due to compression was suspected. A covered stent was placed to induce thrombosation in the aneurysm, resulting in alleviation of symptoms, and imaging examinations confirmed thrombosation and regression of the aneurysm.

Conclusion: Reports of treatment for elongated styloid process complicated by large aneurysm are very rare. A covered stent is a possible therapeutic option if direct surgery is difficult.

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