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Characterization and Antioxidative Activities of Rare C50 Carotenoids-Sarcinaxanthin, Sarcinaxanthin Monoglucoside, and Sarcinaxanthin Diglucoside-Obtained from Micrococcus yunnanensis
Ayako OsawaYoko IshiiNao SasamuraMarie MoritaHiroaki KasaiTakashi MaokaKazutoshi Shindo
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2010 Volume 59 Issue 12 Pages 653-659


While screening for antioxidative carotenoids from marine bacteria, we isolated and identified sarcinaxanthin and its glucosylated compounds (sarcinaxanthin monoglucoside and sarcinaxanthin diglucoside) from a moderately halophilic bacterium-Micrococcus yunnanensis strain AOY-1. In the singlet oxygen (1O2) quenching model, the IC50 values of the antioxidative activities of these carotenoids were as follows: sarcinaxanthin , 57 μM; sarcinaxanthin monoglucoside, 54 μM; and sarcinaxanthin diglucoside, 74 μM. In addition, the complete proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR) assignments of sarcinaxanthin monoglucoside pentaacetate and sarcinaxanthin diglucoside octaacetate, and fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (FAB-MS/MS) analyses of sarcinaxanthin and sarcinaxanthin monoglucoside are reported for the first time.

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