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2015 年 131 巻 7 号 p. 465-469


Atomic hole type of bio-templated lithium ion sieve was synthesized to supply for adsorption of Li+ in simulated geothermal waters at 70. Sorption data was fit to linearlized Langmuir isotherm and the maximum sorption density was not largely influenced by coexisting ions including larger amounts of Na+ in simulated geothermal waters. The sorption kinetic data was fit to the first order rate, and the kinetic constant was not also influenced by coexisting ions as mentioned above. Temperature elevation accelerated the sorption rate. The activation energy obtained from Arrhenius plots was estimated 4.34 ~ 4.67 kcal/mol, implying that the adsorption is controlled by interparticle diffusion. The enthalpy change was evaluated 2.3 kcal/mol, which is larger than the previously reported value with the atomic hole type of ion sieve. It might be due to the unique morphologies of the present bio-templated ion sieve.

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