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Foot Pressure and Trunk Muscle Activity during Reaching Tasks Performed by Seated Hemiplegia Patients
Ji-Yeon YoonKyeong-Mi KimMoon-Young ChangWon-Gyu YooJae-Seop OhDuk-Hyun An
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2011 年 23 巻 3 号 p. 525-529


[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to examine foot pressure and trunk muscle activity during reaching tasks performed by patients with hemiplegia, and compare them with healthy subjects. [Subjects] Ten left-side hemiplegia patients and ten healthy subjects were recruited for this study. [Methods] The foot pressure and trunk muscle activity were measured while performing four reaching tasks in the diagonal and horizontal directions in a sitting position. [Results] In patients with hemiplegia, the foot pressure on the non-paretic side increased when performing the tasks on the paretic side, while the muscle activities of the erector spinae on the paretic side were lower than those of healthy subjects. [Conclusion] We found that the proper selection of the starting point for a task is more important than the direction of the task for the rehabilitation of patients with hemiplegia. We consider that performing the task on the non-paretic side to encourage symmetric weight distribution on the feet and trunk stability may be effective.

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