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A way for in vitro/ex vivo egg production in mammals
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2019 Volume 65 Issue 4 Pages 281-287


Eggs are female germ cells that are required for producing offspring through sexual reproduction. In mammals, eggs are produced in the ovary and ovulated into the oviduct. It is well known that over 99% of eggs are degenerated without ovulation, so that many studies have attempted in vitro folliculogenesis to produce many eggs in different species for a few decades. Although many methods have been developed, a success of in vitro egg production with the resultant live birth of offspring has been limited, especially in livestock animals. More recently, we have succeeded in producing live pups derived from in vitro/ex vivo egg production in mice. This review aims to introduce our recent findings with a brief history of in vitro/ex vivo culture systems for follicles and ovaries.

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