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Research on Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Anti-Lock Brake of Vehicle Based on Direct Drive Electro Hydraulic Actuator
Xiaoxiang GongLixia QianWeiguo GeJuan Yan
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2020 年 11 巻 2 号 p. 22-29


In order to effectively improve the vehicle safety, this paper proposed an electronic brake force distribution scheme and an anti-lock brake scheme for passenger car based on a novel brake-by-wire system. The brake-by-wire system was introduced at first, then the electronic brake force distribution scheme and anti-lock brake scheme are designed after analyzing of brake system and vehicle model. At last, the experiment is accomplished to prove the feasibility of the novel brake-by-wire actuator, and the co-simulations of vehicle based on Matlab/Simulink and AMESim are accomplished for typical braking process to prove the superiority of proposed brake-by-wire system and brake scheme. On the one hand, the experiment and simulation results show that the proposed electronic brake force distribution scheme is able to distribute the braking force according to braking intensity and conditions. So the β curve can as close as possible to the I curve. On the other hand, the anti-lock brake scheme is able to accurately regulate the wheel slip rate and adapt to different brake intensity. So the anti-lock brake scheme processes strong robust performance.

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