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Detection of novel and recurrent conjoined genes in non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma
Yosuke Matsumoto Taku TsukamotoYoshiaki ChinenYuji ShimuraNana SasakiHisao NagoshiRyuichi SatoHiroko AdachiMasakazu NakanoShigeo HoriikeJunya KurodaTomohiko TakiKei TashiroMasafumi Taniwaki
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2021 年 61 巻 2 号 p. 71-77


For this study, we investigated comprehensive expression of conjoined genes (CGs) in non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma (B-NHL) cell line KPUM-UH1 by using paired-end RNA sequencing. Furthermore, we analyzed the expression of these transcripts in an additional 21 cell lines, 37 primary samples of various malignancies and peripheral blood mononuclear cells of four normal individuals. Seventeen CGs were detected in KPUM-UH1: CTBS-GNG5, SRP9-EPHX1, RMND5A-ANAPC, OTX1-EHBP1, ATF2-CHN1, PRKAA1-TTC33, LARP1-MRPL22, LOC105379697-BAK1, TIAM2-SCAF8, SPAG1-VPS13B, WBP1L-CNNM2, NARS2-GAB2, CTSC-RAB38, VAMP1-CD27-AS1, LRRC37A2-NSF, UBA2-WTIP and ZNF600-ZNF611. To our knowledge, 10 of these genes have not been previously reported. The various characteristics of the CGs included in- and out-of-frame fusions, chimeras involving non-coding RNA and transcript variants. A finding of note was that LARP1-MRPL2 was characterized as in-frame fusion and was recurrently expressed in B-NHL samples. In this study, variety of CGs was expressed both in malignant and normal cells, some of which might be specific to lymphoma.

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