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セッションID: A-4
A-4 Phase formation of microwave dielectric Zirconium Titanate powders via a mixed oxide synthesis route(Session: Ceramics I)
Suwanna SomjaroenNaratip Vittayakorn
会議録・要旨集 フリー


A mixed oxide synthesis route has been investigated for the synthesis of zirconium titanate, ZrTiO_4. The formation of ZrTiO_4 phases have been investigated as a function of calcination temperature by XRD. The crystal structure, particle size distribution, morphology and phase composition of the calcined powders were determined via XRD and SEM. It has been found that with increasing calcination temperature up to 1150℃, the result showed that anatase-TiO_2. The yield of the ZrTiO_4 phase increase significantly up to 1350℃, when a single phase of ZrTiO_4 was formed, revealing that the rutile-TiO_2 had completely reacted with the ZrO_2 phase. It seemed that the pure wolframite phase of ZrTiO_4 powders was successfully obtained from calcinations conditions of 1350℃ for 4 h with heating/cooling rates of 5℃ minute^(-1).

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