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主催: 一般社団法人 日本機械学会
会議名: Dynamics and Design Conference 2016
開催日: 2016/08/23 - 2016/08/26
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This paper describes a cart-type one degree of freedom vibration system using a DC motor and electrical circuit instead of a spring. The stiffness and the damping ratio of the proposed method can be tuned using an LR circuit and an LRC circuit. This proposed method solves the problem of occurring the deflection and buckling of a spring, and occupying the space with the spring. This paper describes the method that uses the proposed vibration systems as a seismic isolator and dynamic vibration absorber. The governing equations of the analytical models were formulated, and the optimum values of the proposed methods were derived. The effectiveness of the proposed methods and theoretical analysis were verified through simulations and experiments.

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