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(その3 滑り基礎構造を適用した場合)
*宮津 裕次曽田 五月也渡井 一樹脇田 健裕富田 愛
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In this paper, we conduct shake table tests on the two-story light-gauge cold-formed steel structure with a sliding base system and linked fluid inertia mass dampers (LFIMDs). The sliding base proposed in this paper consists of an alloy plated steel and cross laminated timber (CLT), and has the friction coefficient of about 0.4 in order to slide when subjected to strong earthquake ground motions. The LFIMDs are installed to the test frame to equalize the story drift of all the story and to enhance the energy dissipation capacity. The result of the shake table test shows that the sliding base system is effective in terms of the reduction of the story drift, and shows that the LFIMDs work to further reduce the story drift and the acceleration response. We also conduct time history response analysis of two-story wooden houses using a massive amount of strong ground motion records and confirm the excellent seismic performance of the proposed structural system.

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