The Abstracts of the international conference on advanced mechatronics : toward evolutionary fusion of IT and mechatronics : ICAM
Online ISSN : 2424-3116
Automatic Camera Pose Estimation Based on Textured 3D Map Information
Yonghoon JiAtsushi YamashitaHajime Asama
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p. 100-101


To construct an intelligent space which has a distributed camera network, pre-calibration of all cameras (i.e., determining the absolute poses of each camera) is an essential task that is extremely tedious. This paper deals with automatic calibration method for the distributed camera based on 3D map information of an environment. Parameterized line features that are extracted from both a distributed camera image and the map information are transformed to Hough space and utilized for matching process in particle filter-based estimation. We evaluate the proposed method in a simulation environment with a virtual camera.

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