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Characteristics of Non-Contact Pulse Wave Measurement Using Near Infrared Sensor
Hisataka MaruyamaFumihito Arai
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p. 80-81


We evaluated non-contact pulse wave measurement using near-infrared (NIR) sensor for casual sensing of vital information. This sensor is mainly composed of infrared LED and photodiode for measuring the cyclic change of hemoglobin concentration inside human body. To achieve the detection of scattering light from the human body for stable and precise measurement, the reflected light from the skin surface was removed by collimator. The theoretical model for design the non-contact measurement system was proposed. This NIR sensor could measure the pulse wave away from human body. Measured data was compared to the commercial pulse wave sensor as benchmark. The accuracy of the measured data such as heart beat rate (HBR) depended on the distance from the finger.

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