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Vol. 32 (2011) No. 8 P 512-517



世界化学年記念特集 —キューリー夫人ノーベル賞受賞100周年記念—
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After the development period of more than 25 years, Japanese Experimental Module (JEM) of International Space Station (ISS), ‘Kibo’ was completed in July 2009. Kibo is the Japan's first manned space facility and at present is monitored and is operated on 24-h schedules for performing various space experiments. Japanese space engineers went through hard time to develop ‘Kibo’ by adding new manned space development requirements to the existing space development technologies and by coordinating them into the uniquely Japanese technologies. I have been in charge of developing JEM Remote Manipulator System (JEMRMS). In this article, I explain some unique Japanese technologies of Kibo, look back on days of collaborating and communicating with many engineers and introduce the future space development plan.