Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Nucleotide Sequence and Expression of the Feline Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Leona KOGAYoshitaka KOBAYASHIMitsuhiro YAZAWASadatoshi MAEDAKenichi MASUDAKoichi OHNOHajime TSUJIMOTO
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Keywords: cloning, feline, VEGF

Volume 64 (2002) Issue 5 Pages 453-456

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Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is an angiogenic factor which targets vascular endothelial cells. In this study, cDNA encoding a feline VEGF (fVEGF) isoform was cloned from a feline lymphoid tumor cell line and sequenced. The fVEGF cDNA contained an open reading frame of 567 nucleotides coding for a polypeptide of 163 amino acids with a putative signal peptide of 26 amino acids. The predicted fVEGF amino acid sequence shared 98.4, 94.2 and 94.2% homology with the sequences of canine, bovine and human VEGF, respectively. Though predicted fVEGF polypeptide was two amino acid residues shorter than human VEGF165, a potential glycosylation site and regions critical for receptor binding were conserved in all the species examined. Transient expression of fVEGF in mammalian cells resulted in secretion of VEGF which could be detected by antibodies against human VEGF165. Furthermore, wide expression of fVEGF mRNA was observed in various feline tissues using RT-PCR methods.

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