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Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Vol. 64 (2002) No. 7 P 637-640



An anterior mediastinal cystic lesion in an 11-year-old mongrel dog was examined. The dog showed dysbasia and vomiting due to megaoesophagus, and anterior mediastinal round mass lesion, approximately 35 mm in diameter, was found by X ray. Based on clinical examinations, the dog was diagnosed as acquired myasthenia gravis and was successfully controlled by anticholinesterase treatment for approximately 4 months. The dog died of thermic stroke and was necropsied. Grossly, fatty tissues with cysts containing yellowish fluid and white nodules were found in the anterior mediastinal area. Histopathologically, multiple cysts, neoplastic tissues, and atrophic thymus were found within the examined tissues. The cysts were lined by thin wall consisting of ciliated long cuboidal and non-ciliated round cells and were filled with eosinophilic colloidal fluid. Some extended cysts contained neoplastic foci within their lumen and walls. The neoplastic tissues consisted of mixed population of large epithelial cells with abundant clear cytoplasm and large oval nuclei, and lymphocytes. Immunohistochemically, proliferating epithelial cells were intensely positive for keratin and cytokeratin, and more than half number of infiltrating lymphocytes were intensely positive for CD3 suggesting T cells. All these findings indicate the neoplastic lesion is thymoma and multiple cysts are considered as thymic or brachial cleft cysts.

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