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Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Vol. 68 (2006) No. 7 July P 709-713




To investigate the roles of mammary PTHrP in calcium uptake and/or release in the mammary gland of cows, plasma PTHrP and Ca levels, and their arterial-venous differences were examined in a Jersey cow during the periparturient period. Levels of Ca in both abdominal aorta and abdominal subcutaneous vein blood slightly decreased around the parturition and at 24 days after the parturition, however, no remarkable arterial-venous differences were observed. Plasma PTHrP levels in both arterial and venous samples were below the detection limit (0.57 pmol/l) during the experimental period. Milk PTHrP and Ca levels were measured in 9 Holstein dairy cows. Although plasma PTHrP levels in all arterial and venous samples were also below the detection limit, milk PTHrP and Ca levels were remarkably high, ranging from 14,900 pmol/l to 41,200 pmol/l and from 772 mg/l to 1,200 mg/l, respectively. In addition, a significant positive correlation (P<0.01) was observed between milk PTHrP and Ca levels. These results suggested that mammary PTHrP is closely related to Ca concentration in the milk.

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