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Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Vol. 70 (2008) No. 8 August P 865-867



Internal Medicine

The clinical utility of the urine albumin/creatinine ratio (UAC) using a simplified analyzer for estimation of proteinuria was studied in cats and dogs. Measurement results for diluted feline and canine albumin standard solutions showed linearity. Although conversion formulas (y=1.28x+1.04 and y=1.67x+10.47 for cats and dogs, respectively) were necessary, urine albumin concentrations could be determined in both animals. In cats and dogs with proteinuria, the UAC changed parallel with the urine protein/ creatinine ratio (UPC), and the Log UAC and Log UPC were significantly correlated (r=0.803 (p<0.01) in cats, r=0.801 (p<0.01) in dogs). The UAC using an UAC analyzer could be used clinically as one of the basic in-hospital laboratory tests for estimation of proteinuria in cats and dogs.

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