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Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Vol. 53 (1991) No. 6 P 1043-1049



Five inbred strains of mice were tested for their susceptibility to Streptococcus suis type 2 including the type strain, two isolates from meningitis in pigs and two isolates from tonsils of clinically healthy pigs. C57BL/6, ICR and ddY strain mice showed lower susceptibility to all strains of S. suis type 2 than BALB/c and SS strain mice. The type strain and the isolates from diseased pigs produced septicaemia and meningitis in BALB/c and SS mice inoculated with 108 colony forming unit of the bacteria and 6O to 1OO% of these infected mice died. On the other hand, mice inoculated with the isolates from healthy pigs showed mild clinical signs but none of them died. In BALB/c mice which died or developed nervous signs, the purulent meningo-encephalitis, myocarditis, ophthalmitis, labyrinthitis and otitis media were observed. S. suis type 2 antigen was demonstrated in these lesions by immunoperoxidase staining using rabbit S. suis type 2 antiserum. These results were similar to those in the experimentally infected pigs with these virulent and avirulent strains against mice. These results indicate that BALB/c and SS strains of mice are useful as an experimental model of S. suis type 2 infections in pigs, and that there are virulent and avirulent strains against mice and pigs among the strains of S. suis type 2.

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