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Gas-Phase Adsorption of N2 on Protonated Molecules and Its Application to the Structural Elucidation of Small Molecules
Hiromori MurashimaAkimasa Fujihara
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2021 Volume 10 Issue 1 Pages A0096


The gas-phase adsorption of N2 on protonated serine (Ser, C3H7NO3), threonine (Thr, C4H9NO3), glycine (Gly, C2H5NO2), and 2-aminoethanol (C2H7NO) was investigated using a tandem mass spectrometer equipped with an electrospray ionization source and a cold ion trap. N2 molecules were adsorbed on the free X–H (X=O and N) groups of protonated molecules. Gas-phase N2 adsorption-mass spectrometry detected the presence of free X–H groups in the molecular structures, and was applied to the structural elucidation of small molecules. When the 93 structures with an elemental composition of C3H7NO3 were filtered using the gas-phase N2 adsorption-mass spectrometry results for Ser, the number of possible molecular structures was reduced to 8 via the quantification of the X–H groups. Restricting and minimizing the number of possible candidates were effective steps in the structural elucidation process. Gas-phase N2 adsorption-mass spectrometry combined with mass spectrometry-based techniques has the potential for being useful for elucidating the molecular structures of a variety of molecules.

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