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Microstructure of Materials
Cu-Containing High Entropy Alloys for Nuclear Fusion Application
Yu LeiNaoyuki HashimotoShigehito Isobe
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2020 Volume 61 Issue 7 Pages 1247-1251


Face-centered cubic Co-free Cu-containing solid solution concentrated alloys, Cu, CuNi, CuNiFe, Cu0.3NiFeCr, Al0.4CuFeCrNi2 were prepared, and their microstructure, hardness, and tensile strengths were investigated in order to develop a new high entropy alloy with a high irradiation resistance, which is applicable for nuclear reactor components. All the as-cast alloys were identified as single-phase FCC alloys by X-ray diffraction analysis. While, the SEM observation indicated a new Cr-rich phase with Cu-rich phase in the annealed Cu0.3NiFeCr alloy, which is probably due to low solubility of Cr and Cu in the alloy. After annealing at 1076°C for 120 hours, Cu0.3NiFeCr alloy became a single-phase FCC. Mechanical property examinations indicated the highest Vickers hardness, the highest Tensile strength and the smallest elongation in the Al0.4CuFeCrNi2. The results indicate that the Al0.4CuFeCrNi2 alloy would have the potential to be a Co-free high-entropy alloy applicable to nuclear reactor components. In order to improve the elongation of Al0.4CuFeCrNi2, the detailed analysis of fracture surface and the optimization of annealing condition would be needed.

Fig. 1 XRD patterns for the Co-free Cu-containing solid solution concentrated alloys. Fullsize Image
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