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A new species of Leptobacillim, L. symbioticum, isolated from mites and sori of soybean rust
Izumi OkaneKenichi NonakaYuko KuriharaJunichi P. AbeYuichi Yamaoka
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2020 Volume 61 Issue 4 Pages 165-171


A verticillium-like fungus forming a whitish colony and mainly solitary phialides that produced fusiform to cylindrical conidia in chains was isolated from uredinia of Phakopsora pachyrhizi, a causal agent of soybean rust. In addition, two similar looking isolates were obtained from Prostigmata mites. Our taxonomic study based on morphology and phylogenetic analysis using ITS rDNA and LSU rDNA D1/D2 region sequences revealed that the three isolates were the same species and assigned to the genus Leptobacillium. These isolates represent a new species, morphologically and phylogenetically distinguished from the type species, L. leptobactrum, and we propose L. symbioticum sp. nov. In addition, Simplicillium chinense and S. coffeanum are assigned to the genus Leptobacillium.

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