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篠原 邦夫伊藤 敦河口 肇柳瀬 真宇野 清
ジャーナル フリー

1991 年 40 巻 9 号 p. 365-368


A computer-assisted real time recording system was developed for management of radioisotopes. The system composed of two personal computers forming LAN, identification-card (ID-card) reader, and electricity-operating doorlock. One computer is operated by radiation safety staffs and stores the records of radioisotopes. The users of radioisotopes are registered in this computer. Another computer is installed in front of the storage room for radioisotopes. This computer is ready for operation by a registered ID-card and is input data by the user. After the completion of data input, the door to the storage room is unlocked. The present system enables us the following merits: (1) Radiation safety staffs can easily keep up with the present states of radioisotopes in the storage room and save much labor. (2) Radioactivity is always corrected. (3) The upper limit of radioactivities in use per day is automatically checked and users are regulated when they input the amounts to be used. (4) Users can obtain storage records of radioisotopes any time.
In addition, the system is applicable to facilities which have more than two storage rooms.

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