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Revised Diagnosis of the Rare Clingfish Kopua nuimata (Gobiesocidae) with Notes on Fresh Coloration and First Australian Record
Kyoji FujiwaraHiroyuki Motomura
ジャーナル フリー

2020 年 25 巻 1 号 p. 49-54


The live coloration of Kopua nuimata Hardy, 1984 is described for the first time based on a recently collected specimen from south of Norfolk Island, Australia. The new color information includes new diagnostic characters of the species, including arch-shaped blotches on the lateral aspect of the body and two reddish-orange stripes on the cheek. Although K. minima (Döderlein, 1887) and K. yoko Fujiwara, Okamoto, and Motomura, 2018 share a similar live coloration with K. nuimata, K. kuiteri Hutchins, 1991 and K. vermiculata Shinohara and Katayama, 2015 differ markedly by lacking arch-shaped blotches on the body and by exhibiting reddish-orange markings on the cheek. A revised diagnosis and redescription of K. nuimata is provided based on the recently collected specimen, which represents the first Australian record of the species.

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