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A New Species of the Genus Eucorydia (Blattodea: Corydiidae) from the Miyako-jima Island in Southwest Japan
Shizuma Yanagisawa Shimpei F. HirutaYositaka SakamakiSatoshi Shimano
ジャーナル フリー

2021 年 26 巻 2 号 p. 145-151


A new species from the cockroach genus Eucorydia Hebard, 1929 from Miyako-jima Island of the Nansei Islands in Southwest Japan was compared to six closely related congeners; E. yasumatsui Asahina, 1971; E. donanensis Yanagisawa, Sakamaki, and Shimano, 2020; E. tokaraensis Yanagisawa, Sakamaki, and Shimano, 2020; E. dasytoides (Walker, 1868); E. guilinensis Qiu, Che, and Wang, 2017; and E. pilosa Qiu, Che, and Wang, 2017. The new species Eucorydia miyakoensis Yanagisawa, Sakamaki, and Shimano, sp. nov. from Miyako-jima Island was characterized by a small overall male body length of 12.5–13.0 mm and tegmina with an uninterrupted orange transversal band in the middle, and a pair of orange pubescent patches at the base. Eucorydia yasumatsui, E. donanensis, E. tokaraensis, the zonata population of E. dasytoides, and E. miyakoensis were divided into five lineages in a maximum likelihood tree generated from a dataset concatenated from five molecular markers (two nuclear: 28SrRNA and histone H3, and three mitochondrial: COII, 12SrRNA, and 16SrRNA). We recognized E. miyakoensis as a distinct species, which was also supported by the pairwise genetic distances (3.4%–6.7%, K2P) of the COI sequences to the other Japanese Eucorydia species.

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