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Design and Progress of Oral Health Examinations in the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project
Akito TsuboiHiroyuki MatsuiNaru ShiraishiTakahisa MurakamiAkihito OtsukiJunko KawashimaTomomi KiyamaToru TamaharaMaki GotoShihoko KoyamaJunichi SugawaraEiichi N. KodamaHirohito MetokiAtsushi HozawaShinichi KuriyamaHiroaki TomitaMasahiro KikuyaNaoko MinegishiKichiya SuzukiSeizo KoshibaGen TamiyaNobuo FuseYuichi AokiTakako Takai-IgarashiSoichi OgishimaTomohiro NakamuraMika Sakurai-YagetaFuji NagamiKengo KinoshitaShigeo KureRitsuko ShimizuKeiichi SasakiMasayuki Yamamoto
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2020 Volume 251 Issue 2 Pages 97-115


In order to assess the long-term impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake on the oral health of disaster victims and to evaluate gene-environmental interactions in the development of major oral diseases and oral-systemic associations, the oral part of two large-scale genome cohort studies by the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization (ToMMo), including the Community-based cohort (CommCohort) study and the Birth and Three-Generation cohort (BirThree) study, have been conducted. The study population comprised 32,185 subjects, including 16,886 participants in the CommCohort study and 15,299 participants in the BirThree cohort study, recruited from 2013 to 2017. The oral studies consist of a questionnaire regarding oral hygiene behavior, clinical examinations by dentists, and oral plaque and saliva sampling for microbiome analyses, which were carried out at seven community support centers in Miyagi prefecture. The median age of all participants was 55.0 years, and 66.1% of participants were women. Almost all participants reported that they brushed their teeth more than once a day. The median number of present teeth was 27.0, and the decayed, missing and filled tooth number was 16.0, with a significant difference according to age and sex. The median periodontal pocket and clinical attachment level was 2.48 mm and 4.00 mm, respectively. Periodontal parameters increased significantly according to age, except for the accumulation of dental calculus. The oral part of these extensive cross-sectional studies provides a unique and important platform for future studies on oral health and diseases that elicit through interactions with systemic diseases, lifestyles, life events and genetic backgrounds, and contributes to researches clarifying the long-term effects of disasters on oral health.

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