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Estimation of Urinary Angiotensin II by Radioimmunoassay
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1974 Volume 114 Issue 3 Pages 205-213


Urine samples were collected from fasting subjects after maintaining posture for 2 hr in early morning. Urinary angiotensin II was extracted with SE-Sephadex. The extracts, after being dissolved in phosphate buffer, pH 7.5, were measured by radioimmunoassay. Recovery, sensitivity and accuracy were found to be satisfactory. The normal values obtained from 6 subjects were 52-280 pg/2 hr. The values were almost normal in essential hypertension and in chronic glomerulonephritis. They were high in 3 out of 6 cases with renovascular hypertension and subsequently dropped after surgery. In 6 cases with primary aldosteronism, very low levels were found. These increased after the removal of adrenal adenomas. No positive correlation between simultaneous plasma and urinary angiotensin samples was apparent. Also no positive correlation between urinary angiotensin and urine volume was found. In renovascular hypertension, during glucose infusion, lower values in urine volume and angiotensin excretion were observed on the stenotic side as compared to the intact side. Thus, the angiotensin excretion rate does not appear to be regulated by arterial angiotensin cencentration, but rather by the angiotensin perfusion rate.

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