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The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Vol. 167 (1992) No. 3 P 197-205



KARIYA, M., GOTO, M., HASUI, K., YAMAMOTO, N, TASHIRO, Y. and SATO, E. Is There Any Effect of Volcanic Eruptions of Mount Sakurajima on Canine Lungs Exposed Naturally?-Morphometric Analysis of Intrapulmonary Particulate Deposit Amount and Histopathological Investigations. Tohoku J. Exp. Med., 1992, 167 (3), 197-205-In order to see whether any effect of inhalation of volcanic ash and gases from Mt. Sakurajima on canine lungs is observed or not, we examined the amount of intrapulmonary particulate deposits (IPD) and histopathological changes. Twenty-five abandoned or stray dogs (group A) in the areas affected enormously by volcanic ash and gases were examined in comparison with 13 abandoned or stray dogs (group B) in the area scarcely influenced. The amount of IPD was measured by using an image analyzer combined with a microscope. Age-associated increase of IPD values was noted, but mean IPD values were not different between groups A and B. Incidence of goblet cell hyperplasia was not different between the two groups. In none of the cases examined, squamous metaplasia of respiratory epithelia, pulmonary fibrosis, silicotic nodules, emphysematous change, or histopathological findings, which are indicative of bronchial asthma, were observed. In conclusion, obvious effect of volcanic eruption on canine lungs was not observed through both the measurement of IPD value and the histopathological evaluation.

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