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Contents of Adrenocortical Hormones in Adrenal Tissues in Various Endocrine Disorders
Soitsu Fukuchi
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1962 Volume 76 Issue 4 Pages 365-373


1. The content of corticosteroids in adrenal tissue was estimated in 10 cases of primary aldosteronism, a case of Cushing's syndrome, adrenogenital syndrome, Kimmelstiel-Wilson's syndrome, malignant pheochromocytoma and essential hypertension.
2. The content of corticosteroids in the adrenal tissue was not parallel to the urinary excretion of these hormones. A large amount of aldosterone was contained in the adrenal tissue of primary aldosteronism. Cortisol occupied a large part of adrenal corticosteroids in Cushing's syndrome.
3. The adrenal tissue of primary aldosteronism, Kimmelstiel-Wilson's syndrome and essential hypertension contained a large amount of cortisol and corticosterone. In the light of this fact, it is assumed that corticosteroids secretion from adrenals of the patient with hypertension is similar in pattern to the adrenal secretion in primary aldosteronism.
The author owes a debt of gratitude to the staff members of Prof. Yamada's Clinic, Hokkaido University School of Medicine; Prof. Ishikawa's Clinic, Hirosaki University School of Medicine; Nakadori Hospital, Akita Prefecture, and Prof. Nakamura's Clinic, Prof. Yamagata's Clinic, Prof. Katsura's Clinic, and Prof. Shishido's Clinic, Tohoku University School of Medicine for the supply of tissue, and to Prof. T. Torikai for his continuous leadership thoroughout this study.

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