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Vascular Patterns of the Human Testis with Special Reference to Its Senile Changes
Nobuaki SasanoSadatoshi Ichijo
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Volume 99 (1969) Issue 3 Pages 269-280

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Senile changes of the human testis from 121 autopsy cases were histologically examined in 6 topographic parts which were divided by the microangiography, and the findings were discussed in relation to blood supply.
Focal depletion of spermiogenesis with thickening of the basement membrane of seminiferous tubules appeared in the fourth and fifth decades and pigmentation of the interstitial cells later. The senile changes were not uniform in severity throughout the testis and were induced in a distribution pattern with a close relation to blood supply.
Main arteries of the testis descended along the medial surface to the lower pole and turned up along the lateral surface to the upper pole. On the upward way the main arteries extended branches toward the mediastinum. Therefore, the upper pole and the posterior part adjacent to the mediastinum belonged to the distal area in the arterial supply and showed advanced senile changes in general. Hernia-like protrusions, however, were prevalent in the lower and anterior parts proximal to the arterial trunk.

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