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Strontium Adsorption Properties of Rice Hull Charcoal Treated with Inorganic Component Elution
Hirofumi ShibataKatsuki KoyanagiShuji MatsuokaNorihisa KawamuraToru Nonami
ジャーナル フリー

2019 年 44 巻 4 号 p. 133-136


The relationship between the potassium content in rice hull charcoal and strontium ion adsorption was investigated. Potassium elution treatment was performed on rice hull charcoal, wherein the rice hull charcoal was stirred with distilled water. The pore distribution and specific surface area of the processed rice hull charcoal were measured. Significant change was not observed in the mesopore volumes of rice hull charcoal subjected to elution treatment for 1 h. The specific surface area increased as the elution time became longer. Based on the result of the pore distribution, it was assumed that the macropores increased. Potassium was eluted at 56.0 mg/L from rice hull charcoal subjected to elution treatment for 3 h. This eluted approximately 83% of potassium content. In the strontium ion adsorption experiment, the adsorption amount of the eluted rice hull charcoal was approximately 40% lower than that of untreated rice hull charcoal. High correlation was observed between the potassium content and the strontium ion adsorption amount. Thus, this paper confirmed that it is possible to show a higher adsorption ability by using rice hull charcoal with high potassium content.

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