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IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
Vol. E93.A (2010) No. 12 P 2672-2681



Special Section on Wideband Systems

In this paper, a scheme for constructing the flat frequency spectrum of interleaved frequency division multiple access (IFDMA) is proposed. Since IFDMA is one of the single carrier modulation schemes, the frequency spectrum components are fluctuated and depend on the information data sequence. Even if IFDMA modulation scheme makes frequency spectrum dispersive for obtaining frequency diversity gain, frequency diversity gain is reduced by the fluctuation of frequency spectrum. In addition, in decision directed channel estimation (DDCE), which achieves good channel estimation accuracy in fast fading environment, the accuracy of channel transfer function estimated at the significant attenuated frequency component is much degraded. In the proposed technique, a random phase sequence is multiplied to the information data sequence for constructing the flat frequency spectrum. As a result, the frequency diversity gain is enlarged and the accuracy of channel estimation by DDCE is improved. Furthermore, we consider the blind estimation technique for the random phase sequence selected by transmitter. We show the effects of the proposed scheme by computer simulation.

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