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Vol. 21 (2016) No. 3 p. 493-502




In this study, we developed a novel immersive display with the world's largest encapsulated space, the LargeSpace. The display consists of an immersive screen, 12 projectors, 10 computers, and 20 motion-capture cameras. To stitch projected images continuously, the screen has not only flat shape, but also toroidal and cylindrical surfaces. We optimized the position and attitude of the projectors for filling the screen with pixels and minimizing perceived occlusion. The motion capture system derives the position of user's eyes and the cluster computers generate user's perspective in the virtual world. We discussed today's best implementation of large immersive displays and mentioned about screen shapes, projection systems, optimum projector arrangement and position tracking systems. Additionally, we proposed a method to compare a front projection system with a rear projection system by the size of the effective area users can walk around without impairing a large display's field of view. Additionally, we mentioned the "Bird Song Diamond Project in Japan" (BSD). BSD uses the LargeSpace and motion base system to deliver an artistic experience.

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