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Vol. 21 (2016) No. 4 p. 627-633




The representation of the peripersonal space is remapped by body action such as integrating tactile stimuli from the body's surface with multisensory stimuli presented within a limited distance from the body. Previous study showed that boundaries of the peipersonal space extend while walking with listening to a looming sound, but it is unclear whether the boundaries change when a sensation of walking is induced with no physical body motion. Here, we examine the change using a technique to induce a sensation of pseudo-walking by presenting vibrotactile stimuli of recorded footsteps sound at the feet soles. Experiments were performed to compare the reaction times to detect a vibrotactile stimulus on the chest with listening to a looming sound toward the body, taken as a proxy of the peripersonal space boundary. Experimental evaluations showed that the peripersonal space seems to expand when a sensation of pseudo-walking was clearly induced.

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