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2019 年 139 巻 2 号 p. 299-308


To clarify the volume of water required to paste pediatric powders, we herein established a standard for the powder paste state by measuring yield values when water was added to powders. The powders used in the present study were selected from 8 types including original and generic drugs. Tipepidine hibenzate is prescribed in the pediatric field in combination with ambroxol hydrochloride and l-carbocysteine. The volumes of water needed to achieve the paste state of ambroxol hydrochloride between the original and generic drugs were similar. However, the volumes of water needed for l-carbocysteine markedly differed between the original and generic drugs due to differences in their additives. The spreadability of the mixture when water was added to the powders was evaluated using a spread meter. Among the powders tested in the present study, the yield value to achieve a paste state with the addition of water was approximately 1000 dyne/cm2. The optimum volume of water estimated from this yield value using the linear proportional relationship for the amount of powder may be applied to the mixture of each pediatric power for dosage/body weight.

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