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Evaluation of Hygiene in Dry Powder Steroid Drug Inhalers Used by Elderly Asthma Patients
植松 卓也松浦 亨鈴木 富仁青木 鈴加鈴木 美沙子後藤 由紀子
ジャーナル フリー

2020 年 140 巻 6 号 p. 789-798


Dry powder inhalers (DPI) are frequently used by asthmatic patients, and the usage rate increases every year. The pharmacists at our hospital provided initial inhalation instructions on how the inhaler must be used but did not elaborate on the cleaning of the device. Therefore, the cleaning status of the inhaler is unknown, and there is a possibility of bacterial growth. This study investigated the cleaning status and hygiene of steroid drug inhalers used by elderly asthma patients. We administered a questionnaire to investigate the inhaler cleaning status after inhalation, and conducted a cross-sectional survey on hygiene using ATP measurement and bacterial culture examination. Considering the responses by 53 patients, it became clear that the ATP values of patients who answered “never cleaned” after inhalation were significantly higher than those who answered “cleaned every time”. Moreover, some bacteria were detected in 62% of inhalers; 4 patients' inhalers contained bacteria other than normal oral microbial flora. In conclusion, because the inhalers used by elderly patients are in poor hygienic conditions, we must give cleaning instructions accordingly. We believe that it is necessary to give proper medical instructions along with instructions on the cleaning method with dry cloth.

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