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Our official Japanese journal "Naibunpigaku Zasshi" was first issued in 1925 and renamed as "Nihon Naibunpigaku-kai Zasshi" in 1927. In 1954 the first issue of English official journal "Endocrinologia Japonica" was published continuing to Volume 39 in 1992 and then renamed as the present "Endocrine Journal" from Volume 40 in 1993.
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Volume 71 (2024) Issue 2 Pages 101-118
Single-cell and spatial transcriptomics in endocrine research Read more
Editor's pick

As well known, endocrine organs including pituitary gland, adrenal gland and pancreatic islet of Langerhans et cetera consist of heterogenous cells, and pathophysiological interplay among hormone-producing cells and non-hormone-producing cells within tissue is crucial, at least in part, for molecular basis of a variety of endocrine diseases. In the February issue, Dr. Ryusaku Matsumoto and Takuya Yamamoto provide a comprehensive, fascinating review article focusing on the update of single-cell and spatial transcriptomics in endocrine research. Our editorial team has a firm belief that this review is a must-read for all dedicating clinicians and scientists on endocrinology.

Volume 71 (2024) Issue 1 Pages 23-29
Clinical characteristics and potential biomarkers of thyroid and pituitary immune-related adverse events Read more
Editor's pick

It is widely recognized that some cases of immune-related adverse events (irAEs) caused by immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) result in life-threatening consequences including adrenal crisis and fatal diabetic ketoacidosis. In this issue, Dr. Tomoko Kobayashi and colleague contribute an insightful and well-organized review article on promising biomarkers to predict the onset of endocrine irAEs, particularly underscoring the mechanism-based management strategies and future prospect for pituitary and thyroid irAEs.

Volume 70 (2023) Issue 12 Pages 1123-1130
Relationship between Ca2+ and cAMP as second messengers in ACTH-induced cortisol production in bovine adrenal fasciculata cells Read more
Editor's pick

It is well known that both Ca2+ and cAMP play critical roles in ACTH-driven cortisol production by adrenal fasciculate cells. However, the division of role for Ca2+ and cAMP in this paradigm still remains obscure. In the December Issue, Dr. Masahiko Kutsukake and colleague elegantly unraveled such a long-standing enigma via sophisticated cellular experiments, demonstrating that cortisol production under steady state is preferentially mediated by Ca2+, but cAMP also participates under stressful conditions where ACTH demand is increased to adapt exaggerated stress.

Volume 70 (2023) Issue 10 Pages 987-998
Prediction-based prompt levothyroxine replacement to prevent a hypothyroid state after immune-related adverse events involving the thyroid gland Read more
Editor's pick

As well known, immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) sometimes cause immune-related adverse events in the thyroid gland (thyroid irAEs). Dr. Ichiro Yamauchi and colleague conducted an elaborate retrospective cohort study demonstrating that patients with rapid-onset severe thyrotoxicosis as well as with positive TgAbs titers were highly likely to develop subsequent hypothyroidism. This study provides us with a message that expeditious replacement of levothyroxine is a crucial precaution against severely hypothyroid state.

Volume 70 (2023) Issue 9 Pages 851-866
Unraveling the mysteries of hepatic insulin signaling: deconvoluting the nuclear targets of insulin Read more
Editor's pick

Complexity in action-specific resistance and hypersensitivity of hormones has long been recognized throughout the body. In particular, however, underlying molecular mechanisms of selective insulin resistance in liver are not yet fully elucidated. In the September issue, Dr. Takumi Kitamoto and Professor Domenico Accili provide an elegant, comprehensive review article on such a longstanding enigma.

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