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Our official Japanese journal "Naibunpigaku Zasshi" was first issued in 1925 and renamed as "Nihon Naibunpigaku-kai Zasshi" in 1927. In 1954 the first issue of English official journal "Endocrinologia Japonica" was published continuing to Volume 39 in 1992 and then renamed as the present "Endocrine Journal" from Volume 40 in 1993.
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Volume 69 (2022) Issue 4 Pages 373-383
Burden of disease of X-linked hypophosphatemia in Japanese and Korean patients: a cross-sectional survey Read more
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X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) in known to substantially secrete FGF23, thereby causing renal phosphate loss, chronic hypophosphatemia and a variety of involvement in skeletal system. However, the reality in clinics has not been fully examined. In the present study, via the online questionnaire methods, Ito N et al. comprehensively evaluate the current status and health-related quality of life in patients with XLH living in Japan and Korea, providing us with the latest knowledge and insight into XHL.

Volume 69 (2022) Issue 3 Pages 319-326
DNA methylation level of the gene encoding thioredoxin-interacting protein in peripheral blood cells is associated with metabolic syndrome in the Japanese general population Read more
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Convincing and conveniently-evaluated molecular biomarkers for prediction and assessment of metabolic syndrome are warranted to realize precision health as well as precision medicine in lifestyle-related diseases. In the present study, Yamazaki M and colleague provide intriguing evidence that level of DNA methylation of the gene encoding thioredoxin-interacting protein, a key inhibitor of cellular oxidation, is significantly decreased in peripheral blood cells from subjects with metabolic syndrome. Further extensive studies are strongly expected to see whether such a status of hypomethylation is clinically relevant to the extent of systemic oxidative stress and would be reversible in response to a line of lifestyle modifications or metabolic surgeries.

Volume 69 (2022) Issue 2 Pages 139-154
Pathological diagnosis of general rules for the description of thyroid cancer by Japanese Society of Thyroid Pathology and Japan Association of Endocrine Surgery Read more
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In this issue, Kamma H and colleague highlight the update of general rules for the description of thyroid cancer proposed by Japanese Society of Thyroid Pathology and Japan Association of Endocrine Surgery. This article is strongly expected to lay a brand-new cornerstone in transferring Japanese diagnostic standard on thyroid cancer for the world.

Volume 69 (2022) Issue 1 Pages 95-100
A case of central diabetes insipidus due to neurophysin II gene abnormality diagnosed based on a family history of nocturnal enuresis Read more
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In this issue, Sugawara L and colleague provide a line of convincing results of genetic analyses on neurophysin II (NPII) in a pedigree of neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus.

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