Kokusai Hoken Iryo (Journal of International Health)
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Volume 30 , Issue 4
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Field Report
  • Yasuyo Matsumoto, Kanako Fukushima, Yuko Takahashi, Hiroko Oishi, Yuri ...
    2015 Volume 30 Issue 4 Pages 279-286
    Published: December 20, 2015
    Released: January 27, 2016
      The Project for Improving Maternal and Newborn Care through Midwifery Capacity Development by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) was initiated for capacity building through pre-and post-service midwifery training.
      Firstly, we have shared the concept of ideal midwifery care based on the definition of evidence-based medicine (EBM) with our counterparts, which involves the integration of the best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. In addition to evidence-based midwifery care, we tried to provide individualized woman-centered care.
      After sharing these concepts in our project sites, we tried to modify the lectures on the basic concepts of midwifery care in the Health Center Midwifery Training program, and care providers’ attitudes based on EBM in the Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care Training program.
      Our trial is an essential first step towards the further reduction of maternal mortality in Cambodia.
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