Kokusai Hoken Iryo (Journal of International Health)
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Volume 33 , Issue 2
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  • Izumi Asano, Sayuri Minoda
    2018 Volume 33 Issue 2 Pages 69-78
    Published: June 20, 2018
    Released: July 19, 2018


      The purpose of this study was to identify influence factors on Japanese Nursing Students (JNS) from learning support activities for Indonesian Nursing Candidates (INC).


      The participants were JNS belonging to a support group for INC studying for the Japanese National Nursing Examination. The JNS were each questioned in semi-structured interviews. Responses were analyzed and divided into categories.


      Students engaged in tutoring activities with a focus on nursing skills and knowledge for passing the National Nursing Examination in Japanese. They also attended recreation activities, which included day trips.

      The effects on the JNS were classified into the following six categories:

    1) Learning the importance of cooperation; 2) Positive change in thoughts and attitude; 3) Increase in learning time; 4) Positive stimulation in progress of all aiming to be nurses; 5) Furthering interest in international matters; 6) Deepening of nursing philosophy.


      The results clearly identified that JNSs were positively influenced by interaction with INCs in thinking and attitude together with motivation to learn through cross-cultural activities while both aimed towards the same goals. Regular activity with culturally diverse INCs leads to JNSs being more interested in international matters and encourages a more comprehensive understanding of nursing philosophy.

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