Kodo Keiryogaku (The Japanese Journal of Behaviormetrics)
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Volume 31 , Issue 2
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  • Kazue YAMAOKA, Sangyoon LEE
    2004 Volume 31 Issue 2 Pages 125-135
    Published: 2004
    Released: November 22, 2005
    In this research note, we examined the degree of difference/concordance among the response rates and the differences between the response rates due to the effect of weighting on the response data acquired from two surveys, the Health and Culture Survey and the East Asian Value Survey. The differences between the response rates, as well as the scale values between the two surveys, were relatively small and the structures of the response patterns were relatively similar. These findings indicate that the reliability of the survey results is relatively high. The difference between the original and the weighted Korean survey proved to be relatively minor (maximum difference of 3.5%), and the effect of weighting on the response data proved negligible. It has been recognized that comparison of pattern structures in groups of multiple questions, rather than comparison of response rates for each question, is important when seeking cross-national comparability.
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