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  • Volume 64 (2022) Issue 1 e12317
    Prospective cohort study of workers diagnosed with COVID-19 and subsequent unemployment Read more
  • Volume 64 (2022) Issue 1 e12312
    A randomized controlled trial of the web-based drinking diary program for problem drinking in multi workplace settings Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12305
    A multicenter study of radiation doses to the eye lenses of clinical physicians performing radiology procedures in Japan Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12300
    Work e-mail after hours and off-job duration and their association with psychological detachment, actigraphic sleep, and saliva cortisol: A 1-month observational study for information technology employees Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12282
    MicroRNA expression in lung tissues of asbestos-exposed mice: Upregulation of miR-21 and downregulation of tumor suppressor genes Pdcd4 and Reck Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12277
    Effect of pain neuroscience education and exercise on presenteeism and pain intensity in health care workers: A randomized controlled trial Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12274
    Quantification of bromide ion in biological samples using headspace gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12276
    Prevalence and utilization of company integration management in Germany: Results of the 2018 BiBB/BAuA survey of employed persons Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12266
    A longitudinal study of working hours and chronic kidney disease in healthy workers: The Kangbuk Samsung Health Study Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12255
    Who are less likely to return to work after getting injured on duty? A 12-month epidemiological evaluation in an orthopedic and traumatology center in Hong Kong Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12249
    Association between occupations and selected noncommunicable diseases: A matched case-control among Thai informal workers Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12244
    Interaction between occupational physical burdens and low job control on musculoskeletal pain: Analysis of the 5th Korean Working Environment Survey Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12228
    Long working hours and burnout in health care workers: Non-linear dose-response relationship and the effect mediated by sleeping hours-A cross-sectional study Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12233
    Occupation, work-related stress, and personal characteristics among suicide deaths with occupation-related compensation claims in Korea Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12239
    Sedentary work and breast cancer risk: A systematic review and meta-analysis Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12238
    Development of rapid and highly accurate method to measure concentration of fibers in atmosphere using artificial intelligence and scanning electron microscopy Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12199
    Type and timing of exercise during lunch breaks for suppressing postprandial increases in blood glucose levels in workers Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12198
    Anticipated health effects and proposed countermeasures following the immediate introduction of telework in response to the spread of COVID-19: The findings of a rapid health impact assessment in Japan Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12196
    Association between maternity harassment and depression during pregnancy amid the COVID-19 state of emergency Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12188
    Burnout and metabolic syndrome among different departments of medical center nurses in Taiwan-Cross-sectional study and biomarker research Read more