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  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12199
    Type and timing of exercise during lunch breaks for suppressing postprandial increases in blood glucose levels in workers Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12198
    Anticipated health effects and proposed countermeasures following the immediate introduction of telework in response to the spread of COVID-19: The findings of a rapid health impact assessment in Japan Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12196
    Association between maternity harassment and depression during pregnancy amid the COVID-19 state of emergency Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12188
    Burnout and metabolic syndrome among different departments of medical center nurses in Taiwan-Cross-sectional study and biomarker research Read more
  • Volume 63 (2021) Issue 1 e12195
    Emergency physician attitudes towards illness verification (sick notes) Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12128
    Occupational health responses to COVID-19: What lessons can we learn from SARS? Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12079
    The relationship between organizational climate, job stress, workplace burnout, and retention of pharmacists Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12090
    Occupational co-exposure to biomechanical factors and neurotoxic chemicals in a representative sample of French employees Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12115
    Size of company of the longest-held job and mortality in older Japanese adults: A 6-year follow-up study from the Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12109
    Effects of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and non-alcoholic or alcoholic elevated liver enzymes on incidence of diabetes following lifestyle intervention: A subanalysis of the J-DOIT1 Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12094
    Multiple exposures to poultry barn air and lipopolysaccharide synergistically increase the pulmonary expression of TLR-4 and IL-1β Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12095
    Five-year cumulative incidence of overweight and obesity, and longitudinal change in body mass index in Japanese workers: The Japan Epidemiology Collaboration on Occupational Health Study Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12097
    Tasuki for neck pain: An individually-randomized, open-label, waiting-list-controlled trial Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12098
    Association between anthropometric indices of obesity and risk of cardiovascular disease in Japanese men Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12088
    Health status of workers approximately 60 years of age and the risk of early death after compulsory retirement: A cohort study Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12087
    Networking of occupational health care units promotes reduction of permanent disability pensions among workers they care: A register-based study controlled by benchmarking with a 5-year follow-up Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12083
    Outdoor workers’ perceptions of skin cancer risk and attitudes to sun-protective measures: A qualitative study Read more
  • Volume 62 (2020) Issue 1 e12081
    Developing a global occupational health and safety management system model for Japanese companies Read more
  • Volume 61 (2019) Issue 1 Pages 36-53
    Factors of occurrence and improvement methods of presenteeism attributed to diabetes: A systematic review Read more
  • Volume 59 (2017) Issue 5 Pages 367-373
    Guidelines for personal exposure monitoring of chemicals: Part I Read more
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