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【Former Journal】Japanese Poultry Science
Japanese Poultry Science published papers in English and Japanese from vol. 1 to 38 (1964-2001). Then the journal was separated into the Journal of Poultry Science publishing papers in English and Japanese Journal of Poultry Science publishing papers in Japanese (2001 - current).
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Volume 55 (2018) Issue 3 Pages 204-209
Bitter Taste Sensitivity and the Expression of Bitter Taste Receptors at Different Growth Stages of Chicks Read more
Volume 55 (2018) Issue 2 Pages 120-136
Proteomic Analysis of Thermal Regulation of Small Yellow Follicles in Broiler-Type Taiwan Country Chickens Read more
Volume 54 (2017) Issue 1 Pages 87-96
Qualitative and Quantitative Comparisons of Texture Characteristics between Broiler and Jidori-niku, Japanese Indigenous Chicken Meat, Assessed by a Trained Panel Read more
Volume 54 (2017) Issue 2 Pages 167-172
Effects of Dietary Methionine or Arginine Levels on the Urinary Creatinine Excretion in Broiler Chicks Read more
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