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  • Analysis of organizational efforts for human resource development at High School A
    2024 Volume 25 Issue 2 Pages 1-13
    Published: 2024
    Released on J-STAGE: June 23, 2024
    This study analyzed the implementation of a voluntary mentoring system for teachers at High School A to demonstrate that organizational human resource development and new approaches, such as interdisciplinary areas, are effective even in high schools, which have been considered less collaborative than elementary and junior high schools. While various organizational practices for the human resource development of teachers, such as mentoring systems, have been implemented in elementary and junior high schools, in high schools there is a strong tendency for teacher independence because of their specialization in particular subjects, and the organizational efforts that contribute to the growth of teachers are weak. Although there have been some practical examples of such efforts in high schools, they have limitations in the communication opportunities they afford for organizational development. Based on a survey and analysis of the practices of High School A, I found that a voluntary mentoring system could improve the ability of high school teachers to go beyond the framework of specialization. Public institutions in schools can intervene and make operational improvements to avoid dysfunctional initiatives. It has been suggested that this method functions effectively as a method for organizational human resource development.
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