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Open URL

OpenURL is a way for accessing web-based resources using metadata. URLs are assembled based on bibliographic information, which is exchanged between information services. Version 0.1 of OpenURL was popularized mainly among university libraries and vendors in Europe and the USA, and version 1.0 was approved as an ANSI/NISO standard (Z39.88-2004) (external site) in 2005 with significant enhancements.

How to link

When J-STAGE receives external links by Open URL (ver. 1.0), the system will display the bibliography page of the article (in Japanese and English).


Use the base URL:
Send the following metadata encoded as URLs by GET or POST.

Type of metadata
No. Name Parameter Description Note
1 ISSN rft.issn Print ISSN One of these are mandatory (ISSN and other codes will be used firstly) In XXXX-XXXX format
2 Electronic ISSN rft.eissn Electronic ISSN In XXXX-XXXX format
3 CODEN rft.coden CODEN
4 Journal title rft.jtitle Publication title
5 Published date (year) Published date (year) either mandatory In YYYY format
6 Volume number rft.volume Volume number
7 Number of issue rft.issue Number of issue Optional
8 Page numbers rft.pages either mandatory tie with a hyphen
9 Starting page rft.spage Starting page
10 Ending page rft.epage Ending page Optional
11 Name of vender and service requesting the link res_id Name of vender and service requesting the link Mandatory for systematic users*.

If you are planning to link from a site with a large number of users, please contact us.

Example URLs

Specifying ISSN
Specifying a title in English
[Before URL encoding: and Pharmaceutical Bulletin&rft.volume=29&rft.spage=1319]


  • Titles in Japanese should be encoded in UTF-8.

  • When the system receives multiple hits or cannot specify the article, an error will be returned with a link to the journal homepage (for J-STAGE journals).

  • Use of all available metadata is recommended for improved linking.

  • Some titles are not linkable.